Our Services include:

Your Safety is our Business

Providing and maintaining a safe working environment does not need to be time consuming or costly. Whether you need a first aid kit or if your office requires a full Emergency Medical Management Program, SOS Emergency Response Technologies can help you and your team be prepared to respond quickly and efficiently to any workplace emergency.
SOS is a major distributor of the Lifeline and Lifeline View AEDs made by Defibtech. We also can provide most other brands of AEDs.

Be Prepared!

SOS Technologies is an international organization providing equipment, programs and services in the area of Health and Safety. These include: Emergency Oxygen Program, AEDs, First Aid Training and On-Line Training, First-Aid kits and supplies, Pulse Oximeters, Emergency Evacuation Chairs, Acuhealth Pro 900 (for pain relief) and many other health related items.