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When seconds count, Neutraliser T will provide immediate fist aid treatment to chemical burns to the eyes or skin. Formulated to provide neutralizing counter-action to normalize the pH value not possible with isotonic or saline rinse products. Respond to all accidents - chemical or otherwise - with ONE all risks formula.
Stock all wall stations, in all locations, with the same rinse solution.
NeutraliserT Quality you can see!c
Why use Neutraliser T rather then isotonic or saline
1) According to the National Safety Council study in 2011 54.5% of
eye injures are caused by chemical burns.
2) 70% of lost time eye injuries occur at work and 30% at home.
\'84\'84\'58\'58 ¼ twist n pour cap design ensures the minimal time
to open the bottle\'85\'85 Seconds count!
\'84\'84\'58\'58 Sterile formula meets Health Canada Natural Health
Product regulations. (NHP).
\'84\'84\'58\'58 Available in 500 ml and 1 litre size bottles.
\'84\'84\'58\'58 Unique bottle bracket that will fit most anywhere;
wall, post, pole, equipment, etc. Allowing you to
place the product as close to the hazard as possible.