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Be Prepared!

SOS Technologies is an international organization providing equipment, programs and services in the area of Health and Safety. These include: Emergency Oxygen Program, AEDs, First Aid Training and On-Line Training, First-Aid kits and supplies, Pulse Oximeters, Emergency Evacuation Chairs, Acuhealth Pro 900 (for pain relief) and many other health related items.

Your Safety is our Business

Providing and maintaining a safe working environment does not need to be time consuming or costly. Whether you need a first aid kit or if your office requires a full Emergency Medical Management Program, SOS Emergency Response Technologies can help you and your team be prepared to respond quickly and efficiently to any workplace emergency.
SOS is a major distributor of the Lifeline and Lifeline View AEDs made by Defibtech. We also can provide most other brands of AEDs.

Our Services include:

  • Emergency Supplies
  • First Aid Training - WSIB approved courses
  • Emergency Oxygen Equipment for the workplace
  • Online safety training programs
  • First Aid, Safety & Pandemic Supplies

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