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Safeguarding Canadians with top-tier protection, SOS Emergency Response Technologies is at the forefront of delivering reliable personal protective equipment. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every mask, pair of disposable gloves, and rapid test we offer.

Produced by skilled manufacturers, our products meet the stringent standards set by the Government of Canada. From medical gowns to effective disinfectants, we ensure that every item is of premium quality for daily use.

Trust in SOS Emergency Response Technologies for all your PPE supply needs, ensuring safety and peace of mind in these challenging times.

Manufactured to Canadian Standards

Every piece of personal protective equipment we offer is a testament to the dedication and innovation of skilled manufacturers. As a retailer, we take pride in partnering with trusted producers, choosing to stock products that not only meet but often exceed industry standards.

Quality Personal Protective Equipment

SOS Emergency Response Technologies is a trusted retailer in the personal protective equipment sector, serving Canadians with unwavering dedication. We source high-quality equipment, ensuring that products, from masks to medical gowns, meet stringent standards for protection and reliability.

Recognizing the diverse needs of Canadians, we select PPE products suited for various environments. Whether it's for daily use in professional settings or for individual protection in public places, our offerings guarantee consistent safety.

Our commitment is simple: to provide Canadians with dependable personal protective equipment they can trust, every time. Choose SOS Emergency Response Technologies for your PPE needs, and experience the confidence of being well-equipped and protected.

Health Canada Approved Medical Supplies

Each product in our lineup proudly bears the mark of Health Canada's approval. Our guarantee is that items ranging from rapid tests to hand sanitizers have undergone rigorous evaluations to ensure they adhere to Health Canada mask and PPE standards.

In an industry where quality can't be compromised, this standard is pivotal. It signifies that our products are not only safe but also effective, providing consistent results that our customers can rely on. Canadians seeking protection can be assured of the efficacy and reliability of our range.

When it comes to safeguarding health, trust in SOS Emergency Response Technologies to bring you products that stand up to the test, every time.


Our masks are examined and tested to ensure they meet the standards for protection. Expertly designed for comfort and safety, each mask offers a dependable barrier against potential health threats. With a focus on adaptability, they fit seamlessly into diverse lifestyles. Essential for daily use, they're a staple in ensuring the well-being of Canadians in various settings, from public transit to healthcare facilities. Several options are available, ranging from N95 respirator masks to level 2 3-ply masks suitable for regular use.

Disposable Gloves

SOS Emergency Response Technologies presents disposable gloves that meld comfort with uncompromising protection. Ideal for daily use, these gloves are crafted to provide a secure barrier while ensuring flexibility. Choose our gloves for reliable hand protection, essential in tasks that demand both safety and dexterity. Nitrile and latex options are available depending on your preference, and they come in a variety of sizes.

Rapid Tests

We also offer rapid tests for Coronavirus disease antigen detection, a crucial tool in the management of health concerns. With precision and speed, our tests provide customers with essential information, facilitating prompt actions. We carry both Boson and Artron rapid antigen tests for accurate and quick Covid-19 detection.


Level 2 isolation gowns are a vital layer of defense in various health settings. Designed to be protective and comfortable, our gowns ensure you remain protected from potential contaminants when working with medical devices such as in the Intensive Care Unit and pathology labs with no blood contact.


SOS Emergency Response Technologies prioritizes cleanliness with our range of disinfectants and hand sanitizer. Engineered to combat a wide spectrum of pathogens, our formulations offer Canadians an effective solution for maintaining hygienic spaces or cleansing pathogens on the surface of the skin. We have both scented and unscented options available. For surfaces free from harmful agents and peace of mind, choose our proven disinfectant products.