About Us

Over 40 years in the industry have made SOS Emergency Response Technologies a go-to supplier of safety, first aid, and emergency preparedness equipment and services.

Our line of products includes AEDs, CPR equipment, first aid kits and supplies, manikins, and other items in the areas of Health and Safety. We also offer health and safety training, an emergency oxygen program, and more. SOS Emergency Response Technologies specializes in accommodating our services and products to our clients specific requirements.

Providing and maintaining a safe working environment does not need to be time consuming or costly. Whether you need a first aid or emergency preparedness kit, or if your office requires a comprehensive Health & Safety Program, SOS Emergency Response Technologies can help you and your team be prepared to respond quickly and efficiently to any workplace emergency.

Our goal is to provide our clients with high quality first aid equipment and best-in-class training so that they can provide the most effective care possible when emergency strikes.