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First Aid Supplies & Equipment

At SOS Emergency Response Technologies, we understand the importance of being fully prepared, so we offer the highest-quality first aid kits, refills, and supplementary supplies, with a wide range of products tailored to meet the varying needs of various worksites and environments. We make it easy to be prepared if an unfortunate incident occurs. Conveniently shop online to find everything you need, from wound care bandages to CPR barrier masks, biohazard clean up kits, and much more.

High-Quality Devices and Components Ready to Go

We prioritize the safety and well-being of our customers. We offer high-quality devices and components, each meticulously sourced from trusted manufacturers and rigorously tested for effectiveness.

Our commitment is reflected in our top-tier first aid kits and supplies, curated to ensure immediate readiness for any unforeseen emergencies. With our products, you can be assured of both peace of mind and unparalleled reliability, knowing you're equipped with the best tools to respond effectively when situations demand.

First Aid Kits & Refills

Our kits are packed with high-quality items, ensuring you're equipped for any emergency, even allowing you the option to customize your own kit. We supply all Ontario Regulation and other provincial regulation kits, as well as Federal and CSA kits. Choose from kits in metal cabinets or plastic cases, soft-pack nylon kits, trauma kits, or kits designed for in your vehicle or for use on a hiking or camping trip, all in a variety of sizes. And when you've used up certain components, our refills come in handy to ensure your kits remain up-to-date and ready for action.

First Aid Supplies

Beyond kits, our extensive range of first aid supplies ensures that individuals and organizations can customize their emergency response capabilities. From antiseptics to tools and equipment, we've sourced and stocked every crucial item you might need in a medical emergency.

Eye Wash & Eye Rinse

Eye wash and eye rinse solutions are essential for emergency eye care. They quickly flush out irritants, chemicals, or debris, providing immediate relief and preventing potential eye injuries.

Instant Cold Packs

First aid instant cold packs provide quick relief for injuries by rapidly cooling affected areas. Activated by squeezing or shaking, they help reduce pain and swelling in emergencies.


First aid stretchers are essential for safely transporting injured individuals and are required for businesses employing 16 or more workers on any shift. Lightweight and sturdy, they provide crucial support during emergencies, ensuring comfort and stability for the injured person.

Emergency Blankets

Also required for businesses with more than 16 workers per shift, emergency blankets in first aid are compact, reflective, and insulating, preventing heat loss and providing warmth to individuals in shock.

Spill Kits & Blood Borne Pathogen Kits

Spill kits absorb and contain hazardous spills, while blood-borne pathogen kits provide supplies to safely handle bodily fluids, minimizing infection risks in emergency situations.

CPR Masks with One-Way Filter in Hard Case

CPR masks with one-way filters in hard cases offer hygienic protection during resuscitation efforts. The hard case ensures portability and protects the mask from contamination.

LifeVac Anti-Choking Device

Designed to save lives during a choking emergency, it creates a strong suction to dislodge objects obstructing the airway, providing immediate relief.

Antiseptic Sprays and Ointments

Antiseptic sprays and ointments are essential for wound care. They prevent infections by killing bacteria and promoting healing, providing a crucial first aid solution for minor injuries.

Glucose Oral Gel

A rapid energy source for those experiencing low blood sugar. Convenient and fast-acting, it aids in managing hypoglycemia, providing a quick glucose boost for increased alertness.


These life-saving devices contain epinephrine, used to treat severe allergic reactions (anaphylaxis). Administered through injection, they rapidly counteract allergic symptoms, providing critical emergency intervention.

Fire Safety Equipment

Fire extinguishers are essential for immediate response to fires, with types like ABC and CO2 catering to various fires. Fire blankets provide an effective means to smother small fires by cutting off the oxygen supply. Together, these tools are vital for quick and efficient fire control, safeguarding lives and property.

Burn Products & Accessories

Our range of burn products and accessories is formulated to provide immediate relief, reduce pain, and prevent further damage. From burn creams and cooling burn gels to protective burn dressings, we offer top-quality items that prioritize the skin's rapid recovery while minimizing scarring.


Safety and hygiene go hand in hand. Our selection of gloves offers robust protection against contaminants and hazards. Made from durable materials, these gloves ensure optimal flexibility and sensitivity, making them ideal for various first aid and emergency situations. Non-latex varieties, vinyl and nitrile, are available, and in a range of sizes from small to extra-large for the most comfortable and hygienic fit possible.

Wheelchairs & Evacuation Chairs

Mobility in emergencies can be a lifesaver. Our range of wheelchairs and evacuation chairs is designed for swift and secure movement during critical situations. Built for durability and ease of use, they offer reliable solutions for evacuations and medical transportation. SOS is dedicated to ensuring you have the best tools at your disposal in any emergency.


For those unique or specialized requirements, SOS provides a variety of miscellaneous items. These specialized tools and accessories ensure a comprehensive approach to emergency response, ensuring that no need goes unaddressed.