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Prestan Adult Professional Manikin

Designed for realistic adult CPR training, it features a unique CPR Rate Monitor, a realistic chest rise and fall, and an easy-to-insert face shield lung bag for hygiene.

Prestan Adult Professional 2000 Series Manikin

An advanced version of the Professional series with all the features plus improved durability and longevity, as well as a realistic head tilt for opening the airway.

Prestan Adult Ultralite Manikin

Lightweight and portable adult CPR training manikin with realistic chest rise and fall. Affordable and suitable for on-the-go training.

Prestan Manikin Family Packs

Typically includes a combination of adult, child, and infant manikins to facilitate comprehensive CPR training for various age groups within a family or group setting. Offers a cost-effective solution for training across different age ranges, and ensures consistency in training quality across manikins.

Prestan Professional Child Manikin

Specifically created for pediatric CPR training, it simulates a child's anatomy and offers a realistic training experience.

Prestan Ultralite Manikin

Lightweight and portable, this version is suitable for on-the-go training and is available for both adult and child CPR scenarios.

Prestan Professional Jaw Thrust Manikin

This model is designed to teach the jaw thrust maneuver, an alternative to the head-tilt/chin-lift technique for opening the airway.

Prestan Infant Manikin

Catering to infant CPR training, this manikin replicates the size and weight of an infant, providing lifelike practice opportunities, so the trainee is ready when it comes to saving a vulnerable infant.

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At SOS Emergency Response Technologies, we understand the vital role CPR training plays in saving lives. Our commitment to quality and excellence shines through our extensive selection of CPR manikins. From adult models, designed to simulate real-life scenarios, to infant models, tailored to the unique challenges of pediatric care, we've got you covered.

Participants gain practical, hands-on experience, allowing them to confidently step into life-saving roles when needed. Our Prestan manikins are crafted with precision, using state-of-the-art designs that closely mimic human anatomy.

This attention to detail ensures that our manikins offer realistic feedback. Whether it's the depth of a compression or the rhythm of a breath, every aspect is scrutinized. This feedback becomes an invaluable tool, aiding instructors as they guide participants to perfect their skills, ensuring that every rescue attempt counts.

CPR Training Manikins for Effective Training

The key to effective CPR training lies in the realism and functionality of the manikin used. Our CPR training Prestan manikins are designed to provide a life-like experience, making it easier for participants to transfer their learned first aid skills to real-life situations. Each Prestan manikin is equipped with CPR feedback mechanisms, giving both the instructor and learner immediate information on the depth, speed, and pressure of chest compressions. This feedback is invaluable, ensuring that every session brings participants one step closer to mastering adult CPR.

Monitors and Replacement Parts

Maintaining the functionality and realism of your CPR manikins is essential for effective training sessions. Our range of Prestan manikins includes high-quality monitors that display real-time feedback, allowing for continuous improvement during practice. Furthermore, we understand that with regular use, manikins might experience wear and tear. To ensure longevity and sustained performance, we offer a wide array of replacement parts, from lungs to face shields. Keeping your manikins in top shape ensures that participants receive consistent, high-quality training to make your adult or infant CPR prompt and effective.

Diversity Kits

Every individual is unique, and recognizing these differences is paramount in emergency situations. Our diversity kits are designed to offer a broader representation, allowing participants to practice CPR on manikins that reflect various nationalities. Such comprehensive training not only refines skills but also aids in creating a more inclusive learning environment.